Exhibition in the forest at the Koekoek in Etten-Leur

On september 30 2012 artist Sabine Bolk and i (Emmy Dijkstra) organize a second exhibition in the forest in Etten-Leur.
We started our collaboration almost two years ago, using a common blog: www.edijkstra.wordpress.com
By posting images on our blog we could respond on each others work. That’s how it started.
Later on we put our work together in ‘real live’: a paper dress and printed wallpaper.
This developed in more paper scenes and in april we brought all our work together in a forest in Enschede.
Five months later it is time to show it for the second time. We are working on a new piece to add at the already existing exhibition.

If you want to join us you are most welcome on september 30 at 15.00: Koekoekstraat 3 in Etten-Leur.
But please be so kind to sent us an email if you are going to come because we have to be able to reach you in case the weather is very bad and the exhibition can’t continue.
On saturday september 29 we’ll confirm if it continues or not.

Emmy Dijkstra: emmy.dijkstra@gmail.com
Sabine Bolk: sabine@sabinebolk.nl
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