How far we will get I don’t know

This will be the title of my next show that opens february the 24th at Dynamo Expo at 1600 hours in Enschede.
I didn’t came up with the title. It’s from a book about the dutch explorer Alexandrine Tinne ( 1835-1869) she wrote this particular sentence in one of her letters. The funny thing is that I never read the book I bought it because the title appealed to me. A couple of years later I thought about it again and pulled it from my bookcase. Then my boyfriend suggested that maybe this sentence was the perfect title for my next exhibition. I knew he was right!
Because my work is about travelers, nomads and wanderers who search their way in live.
Sometimes they have to cross oceans, deserts maybe, to find their destination or they find it much closer to the place they already are.

The exhibition shows my New York Scenes series but also my stencil prints.


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