Buddha in subway 1

During my stay in New York I always took subway 1 to the Manhattan Graphic Center. It was my favorite part of the day. Why? Because I was surrounded by inspiring people, at least for me they were.
All the people who started to appear in my print work, were the people I saw during my ride with subway 1.

One day I saw this African American woman who was sitting in the back of the subway, all by herself.
She had this shiny bold skull and her eyes were staring to no one, nor something in particular.
Now and then she moved her mouth like she was saying something, whispering to herself maybe.
The woman wrapped herself in a blanket and put her feet upon the seats, making herself comfortable as if she was going to stay there all day; I couldn’t stop looking at her because to me she looked like a Buddha.

One comment on “Buddha in subway 1

  • Ik weet niet hoe ik hier terrecht kwam, maar ik heb het boek waar je naar verwijst gelezen
    en ben erg enthiousiast. Bedankt voor je blog. Mooi geschreven!

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