For me drawing is a very natural thing to do, it is almost like breathing. I don’t need much to get started. When I first started to draw at a very young age I took a ballpoint and a notebook and the story would unfold itself. After the art academy I became interested in printmaking. It still doesn’t take much for me to get started whether I work on a stone lithography, or I make my drawing on a copperplate. I still draw and it doesn’t matter on what kind of surface or how; it is the story that matters.

I use the flexibility offered by drawing to tell stories about what I observe in the world and what I see around me. But it is always about people searching for their place in this world; the refugees who ask if they can join the nice swedish campfire, the guy who eventually made it to the jungle after longing for it most of his life and the little girl at the station who wonders where she should go, because there is no one there to tell her that. All this personalities keep coming back to me as soon as I pick up my pencil and start to draw.