14 Oct
Light and Darkness

printmaking in life’s light and darkness

Light and Darkness

Printmaking in life’s light and darkness

Printmaking has always been the core of my artistic practice. I was in my final year of art school, painting didn’t work out and I was a bit lost, when a guest teacher came along. She reminded me of the prints I made in my second year of art school, saying: ‘I think printmaking is something you should do and I think you can make an art show within a week.’

She was right. I woke up and started printmaking, just a few months before graduating art school. I did make a pile of prints and couldn’t stop. Twenty years later, and I’m still a printmaker.

Printmaking in life’s light and darkness: even in my darkest moments, I kept on printing. The boundaries of printmaking comfort me, allowing me to make perhaps my best works during those times. And in moments of joy and light, prints sometimes became vague and did not turn out as I expected. Maybe a reflection on life: in life’s lightness, dark things can happen and in moments of darkness you can feel light as a feather.

This exhibition is arranged with the support of the National Association of Swedish Art Associations

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