29 Jun

it all starts with a story

This week I visited a beautiful exhibition on the work of Gösta Adrian Nillson. Beautiful paintings . I noticed how inspired I was by watching these painting made during the first part of the twentieth century. I always have loved the work artists produced during that period. They tried a new way of painting and they experimented with color and started to express how they looked at the world.
Lately I have a lot of thoughts and questions concerning my own work. What kind of artist would I like to be? Should I only focus on printmaking? Or should I start painting again? Maybe I should focus on developing my own performances? Or doesn’t it matter what kind of work I make as long as I take printmaking as a starting point? As I am writing this I suddenly know that it should be the last one; I can use printmaking as a starting point. Because if I don’t take that as a starting point I get al confused and I have no basis. And I need a strong basis from which my ideas can start developing and could return to if they need to grow a bit more.
On a plate, no matter the material, I feel free to express myself and I feel my ideas are most original. I think I need to cherish that more, instead of looking for ways to express myself that I can’t overlook. If I can’t overlook what I am doing then the story I want to tell will be overruled by its appearance and the material it is made of; and for me that has never been the reason why I became an artist. I became an artist because I want to tell a story and that is where my focus should be.


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