04 May

The traveller – light projections in the city of Zoetermeer, the Netherlands

image1In March I made the design for four light projections. This project was commissioned by both museum de Voorde and the municipality of Zoetermeer, the Netherlands. When it’s dark you can see two of the four projections on the outside of the museum building @museumdevoorde It was a great project to work on. If you are happen to be around: take a look and enjoy! Now it is out in the open! I named this project; the traveller ( De Reiziger)

Why is it called the traveller? Because the people in my work are always on their way to a new destination or they are dreaming about it. I like to think that they can live everywhere and that they are flexibel and curious enough to discover what a new country and culture has in store for them. I think the key to connection between different people and cultures lies within flexibility and curiosity.

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