‘I consider Bryant Park as my living room now’ Artist Talk Manhattan Graphics Center 2014

Artist Talk New York 2014

On June 28 2014 I gave an artist talk at the Manhattan Graphics Center in New York. In 2012 I stayed in New York for two months and worked at the Manhattan Graphics Center; for me that has been a life changing experience that really influenced my work and life as an artist. When I returned to New York this summer I wanted to share that experience by doing an artist talk at the place where I learned so much: the Manhattan Graphics Center. But that is not the only reason; last June it has been 10 years since I started to work as an artist. So the artist talk wasn’t only to share my experiences  but also a way to reflect on my work that I made those last ten years.

If you want to read my artist talk you just have to go the link above. Enjoy!


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