15 Sep
grieving for the whole world

grieving for the whole world

grieving for the whole world

(picture: Alannah Robins, Interface)

Grieving for the whole world

The typical person who didn’t know the world would look like this. All they was focused on was to live a good life, put on a tie every morning and travel to work. Until one day this person woke up and realized that the world was changing; and they was overwhelmed by sadness because the world as they knew it didn’t exist anymore. The land had dried up; friends were moving away. What to do? For now, the best I can do is to share my tears with you and to grieve for the whole world.

The work was installed outside in an old dried up water tank. Where their tears were spread out to suggest that their tears would go on forever. Then a storm came with a lot of flooding and washed away my work. Nature had its own plan. Pieces and fragments were collected and carefully put on the table and left to dry. What is left of the piece I so carefully cut and painted by hand? Not much, only fragments. But isn’t this what happens all around the world? Things people cherish get destroyed whether by war or by nature, people are left with the pieces.

It reminds me of an art piece by the artist Francis Alÿs; Sometimes making something leads to nothing, carefully the artist pushes a block of ice in front of him through the streets of Mexico City, until there is nothing left, only the process. I have some fragments to work with. I will leave them as they are. Art imitating life; and nature took over.


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