08 Nov
paper litho (6)

Ethnic identity?

I recently moved to Stockholm, Sweden. But my paper dresses are still in Enschede, the Netherlands.  The dresses are part of an exhibition ‘Grafiek +’ at the Vrijhof, an exhibition room at the University of Twente. Two weeks ago there was an article  in a local newspaper ‘de Roskam’ about the exhibition and it said: ‘the printed dresses of Emmy Dijkstra seem to refer to a search of an own ethnic identity ‘. I think this sentence is very well put. And indeed: I don’t know my ethnic identity yet. But I always draw about it. People always ask me if I went to Africa or did I travel a lot? People from different cultures constantly appear in my work. But no, I never visited Africa or other African cultures. I think I just have a lot of imagination, when I read about different cultures I start picture it in my own mind. This imagination somehow connects with my own search in life.  Now that search starts all over again, here in Sweden.

( you can still visit the exhibition till November 18th. Open daily  from 11 to 17)

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paper litho (6)

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