28 May
packing up

Cecilia Frisendahls stipend

On Wednesday, May 18th I received the Cecilia Frisendahls stipend. It was awarded to me by the Litografiska Museet in Huddinge, Sweden. I am thrilled and so happy! This means a great deal to me.
For a whole year I can work at the museum and develop my stone lithography skills; a technique which I’m not very familiar with and that’s why I applied for this stipend. Over the last ten years I have developed my etching and paper litho skills but stone lithography was never so much in the picture. Until I moved to Sweden where I discovered that it is still a very well known technique and that there are a lot of artists who use it as an independent art form.
I wrote the museum that I want to explore how I can express my work within this technique because every technique has his own way of expression. I am curious how a ‘new’ technique will influence my way of working. And will a new way of working influence the story I’m trying to tell with my work? When I learned the paper litho technique, four years ago, it definitely changed my way of working; I started to use color again.

So I have al these questions that need to be answered; I better pack my things and go up there!
packing up

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