19 Nov
light comes from the inside

the light comes from the inside. Working on a new exhibition.

April 2018 I will have a new solo show at the Litografiska Museet in Sundby Gård, Sweden.
I have to admit that I panicked a little at first; do I have enough time to make new work, because I am concentrating on so many different things right now.
The biggest change is that I became a student again at the Waldorf university college here in Stockholm. The last two years I became more and more interested in Rudolf Steiner’s Waldorf pedagogy. I try to manage three different things in my life: being a student, an artist and a teacher assistent. It is a lot. But I am so happy that I made this decision.
Since a long time I have this longing that I want to develop myself as a person, in how I look at life. I thought, in fulfilling this longing, being an artist would be enough. But apparently I needed something more. The first day as a student I felt right away that it all made sense; that it was the right choice.
In about five years I will be a Waldorf teacher, but that is not my goal; for me it is all about the process and all the questions I will encounter during these five years. I want to develop myself. I have no idea if I will ever get answers to my questions, but maybe I get some interesting thoughts along the way. Who knows?

Back to my upcoming exhibition. How can I unite this new encounters with my artwork?
My work tells the story about travellers, people who travel to other countries to find their way of living. To maybe observe other people, to read about them so they get inspired in how they want to give shape to their lives.
My work was about the wanderer who finally made it to the jungle, about the fugitives who want to join in a Swedish tradition. It was about meeting other cultures and countries.
But my new exhibition will be more about the journey inside of people. A longing inside them that they want to fulfill. In search for a meaning. Where are they going to find that? Lets do some printing and find out.
Let’s search until it all makes sense.
light comes from the insideThe light comes from the inside. Stone lithography. Work in progress.

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