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I’m working on a new series of paper dresses. What is it about? I ask myself that question over and over again. I think they are about leading a new life and that you have to surrender yourself to that new life. You have to throw yourself into it. And maybe it will lead to something good. But it is the part before the jumping that is the most scary. You have to let go of your fears and prejudices. So it is something you have to think about and explore. That’s what I do: first I think about it and then I try to surrender.
This is what the first two dresses are telling about. But the third dress is telling about the longing for a next journey, another place where I would like to go; Oulu, a city in Finland. I don’t know if that is going to happen but it is a place I would like to go and I picture it in my mind.

Having this all said; Eventually the dresses ask the question: what is a good life? Now, having the experience of living abroad and  moving a couple of times I know that there are many different ways you can live your life. But  I still haven’t figured out what that means to me? Maybe for me it is moving and living at different places. I don’t know. But my work helps me in this search.


what is a good life?

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