12 Nov
på vägen

Paper cuts; the guy with the suitcase

Making these paper cuts seems like an ongoing project; I don’t know how many I will eventually cut out. Sometimes I’ll leave it for a while because I want to focus on something else. Also, I have know idea where this will lead to; a book? An exhibition? Both? But it is comforting to know it is always there, waiting for me. I can always continue. I try to challenge myself by choosing a more complicated figure every time. I use pictures from newspapers as a basis, as a starting point. Unfortunately the picture of refugees keep coming, which means that there are still people on the run, searching for a safe place. Sometimes I wonder, am I hypocrite? Someone who comments on the situation while sitting on the couch? Yes, it is easily done. But all I am trying to say is that I moved to another country myself, just like that. I left my home in Holland on a sunday and went to bed in my Swedish home the next evening; living the life of a tourist the first couple of weeks. In my opinion every human being has the right to a good life and it should not depend on where you were born; I was fortunate to be born an EU citizen. Which makes it very easy to travel and to live where ever I would like to go. And it should be the same for every human being; where you end up eventually should not depend on where you are coming from. And we never know; maybe you’ll end up as the guy with the suitcase one day.

på vägen

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