06 Aug

my way of working; just a couple of hours


image3-3After spending a couple of hours in my studio I finally made the work that has been in my mind the last couple of weeks. It wasn’t there constantly, and at one point it even faded away. But yesterday it found its way back to my studio. I needed a couple of hours to make it visible. That can be a very scary moment; to make something real, something that you can actually see. You whether like it or you absolut hate it. But this time it feels like a relief, I have made space again in my thoughts.┬áThat is often how I work; I don’t need to spent much time in my studio to make a work or to do the sketching. The sketching happens in my mind, during the day while doing something completely different. I slowly start to discover that there is nothing wrong with my way of working. Reading and watching television, conversations with people surrounding me, time not spending in my studio; it is all part of my work as an artist.

I used to think that serious artists should be in there studio all day long, figuring out how to continue on an idea, but not me. I need the daily life surrounding me and I need to actively taking part in that life in order to collect my ideas. And amongst all those ideas that keep coming, there are always a few who find their way to my studio.

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