memories of his homeland

This guy perfectly dressed in a suit and tie started to appear in my work after i saw him sitting in the subway. Now he is part of a little exhibition at Rijksmuseum Twenthe. Surrounded by his thoughts, his childhood and memories of his homeland.

Last week I finished a whole week of teaching at several secondary schools. Those art classes did not take place in their own classroom but in Rijksmuseum Twenthe. The museum invited me to exhibit some of my prints. I started the lesson by looking at my work together with the students and I told them about my work, what it means, what it stands for and where I get my inspiration. Then it was their turn to make their own art piece by using the same technique  i use a lot: stencil printing.

But before they started to work they had to think about a place they once were and where they would love to go back again.

The two pictures below show some results. I always hope to inspire the students by telling about my work but they definitly inspired me! Again!

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