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Who threatens my little home?” This print is also part of the exhibition. I made it right after the attack on Charlie Hebdo. Evil and fear are getting closer and they threaten our lives as we know it; a peaceful Swedish life in a beautiful winter landscape. Will it soon be disturbed?

This saturday the vernissage of the exhibition Hem-likt took place. Together with two other artists I’m showing nine works; paper litho’s, two etchings and one painting. My first painting since a long time. I’m very satisfied about the vernissage, because people were very interested in what my work is all about and what is happening there. My work always tells a story; I’m not interested in material or shape itself; all the things I draw are part of a story. Very important to say that there is never one interpretation when you look at my work; there is mine to begin with but there is room for the spectator’s thoughts and ideas too. You could say that my work gives a start, a beginning and then it is up to the spectator.

Skarpnäcks Kulturhus is a community house; people come there to drink a coffee or to go to the library and to look at art! I really like this and it also suits my personality and who I want to be as an artist; getting in touch with different people, curious about there lives, create something together, things you do in a community.




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