01 Mar

Is my homeland forgotten?

printa detail from a lithography I recently made. Soon it will be on display during my exhibition at gallery Lokomotiv in Örnsköldsvik.
The lithography tells the story about teenagers who were forced to leave their country. They have to seek a better life somewhere else. How does that work for young people? What do they take with them on their journey? And once they arrive in a new country do they mourn the land they have left? Did they bring anything that reminded them of their tribe? Their culture? Or maybe there isn’t time for that because they have to adapt to a new situation.

My exhibition will show items of a culture people left behind, and the teenagers on my lithography have begun their journey. Do they find it necessary to take these things with them? Memories from their culture, something they can cherish along the way? Or isn’t that important because they have their focus on the future?



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