01 May
no longer a hidden tribe

no longer a hidden tribe; who is no longer hidden?

no longer a hidden tribe‘No hidden tribe,’ is the title of this lithography installation. This theme keeps coming back to me. I saw this documentary about a tribe who was recently discovered by the western world. From the other side of the river they observed the strangers who entered ┬átheir world. After a while they crossed the river to meet these strangers, after that things started to change very quickly. They found a way to communicate with each other and all of a sudden the tribe was wearing clothes and doctors start to arrive to prevent them from being sick; a film crew was hired to make a documentary about this new discovered tribe. All of a sudden these people were exposed from different angles.
Thats how I started my lithography installation; I printed my own tribe. I will we’ll display them all together: they observe us and we observe them. Who is no longer hidden now?

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