29 Dec
my time in the jungle

My time in the jungle

Christmas has passed, time to contemplate on next year. Being an artist is fantastic; all the things you can do. But at the same time that can be a bit confusing. For example; this morning I was going through my work and I found this old aquarelle painting that I made three years ago. At that time I wasn’t satisfied about it and I thought I was wasting my time focusing on painting instead of printmaking. Why was I thinking like that? Why not allow myself to experiment with paint? Why working in such a hurry?
I don’t know, but what I do know is that I am always looking for limitations, for boundaries to get things clear in my head. I have done that all my life. In search for some sort of essence. The essence of what, I can’t really tell; maybe to hold on to something in this, sometimes, confusing world? This world that always raises a lot of questions in my mind. But I want to go to fast! What I would like to learn in the next coming year that it is ok to be side tracked now and then. That nothing is lost by doing that. I think eventually it will bring me more. Like this aquarelle I found this morning.
my time in the jungle

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