15 Jan
may we join this tradition?

May I join you?

may we join this tradition?At the school where I work we often make a campfire together with the children. It is very cosy; we sit by the fire just chatting and drinking hot chocolate. Life can be perfect. During these moments  I really feel that I am living in another country and joining them in their traditions. I have noticed that it is very important to learn the traditions of a new country. In that way you have a better understanding of its people and how its society works. On the other hand; traditions can be very  exclusive, only reserved for those people who have been joining them for a very long time and who know all the rules. So in other words; they can exclude people. And then you have to be patient and you realize you are an immigrant, the stranger, who waits for the moment he may join the group and sit by the fire.

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