23 May

impressions of a childhood in Africa

WaldorfWorking on the last assignments for my Waldorf education; well, the last ones for this year! Four more years to go and I don’t mind at all. When I started this education I was a bit afraid that I would not have any time left to concentrate on my work as an artist but on the contrary: I get so much out of it, new thoughts and ideas have started to fill my head. I’m reading this book at the moment and it is the French author J.M.G. Le Clézio who writes about the impressions of his youth. After the second World War the whole family moves to Africa to join his father who works there as a medical doctor. He describes certain events he experienced as a young boy, arriving in this new country; the heat, the smell, the people, their humble home, but most of all the freedom he experienced. Coming from a traumatised country efter the war, this was a huge difference. Jumping and running barefoot. No fear for the overwhelming nature surrounding you. All these fragments of strong impressions are in this book. He wrote the book in 2004, although his youth in Africa was a long time ago, his memories were still very vividly.

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  • Great book it must be. Your discription already makes me want to experience Africa aswell. Thx. Four more years to go … Cheerio & good luck, Emmy! Staying tuned

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